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Patia Stats Croc Patter Leather Belt

Patia Stats Croc Patter Leather Belt

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Quick overview

  • Dragon head buckle
  • Damier canvas
  • Nubuck leather lining
  • Designed in Italy

Patia Stats, in accordance with the design philosophy of popularizing elegance to the public, selecting top-class genuine Italian leather as raw material, inventively releases the pure handmade genuine leather belts, matching with exquisite workmanship and concise style, perfectly presents European elegance style, enhancing lasting taste.


  • The Patia Stats products are elaborately designed.
  • They offer "Gentleman Living", "Intellectual Savor", "Fashion Decoration" , and "Simple Convenient ", as the essence of creation.
  • Selected natural environment-friendly materials, together with the elaborate hand crafting, provide an all-round accompaniment for your life.


  1. Avoid prolonged contact with any materials that may transfer their color pigments onto the patent leather (magazines, ohter leathers). The migration risk may particularly affect small leather goods. 
  2. Be careful not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces, especially the leather trimmings.
  3. Prevent your product from humidity and keep it away from direct sources of heat (radiators, inside of cars in summer).
  4. Avoid contact with liquid, hand cream, hand sanitizer, make-up and perfume, or any material that may stain the product by colour transfer (magazines, other leathers, etc.).
  5. If the canvas or the cotton lining gets stained, gently rub with a soft, light-coloured, lint-free cloth, dampened with soapy water (pH-neutral soap), avoiding contact with leather trim.
  6. To remove surface stains from the calfskin, gently rub with a soft, dry, light-coloured cloth.
  7. When not in use, store the article in the felt pouch provided with your purchase. Do not store in high temperature, high humidity or unventilated areas

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