Are you taking right care of your baby?


Have you ever asked yourself where am I going wrong or can I do better for my baby to keep my baby safe & strong? Then here i am going to tell you about points harming 93% of the babies in the world chemically and physically and how to protect your baby from it.


Babies when born are at the most vulnerable stage of human life to infection , and are prone to get infected by viruses and bacteria’s. Their bones and body structure is so soft that even mothers fear to touch her baby.


Your baby will (hopefully!) be spending many hours slumbering away in his/her crib, so there’s lots to consider before buying sleeping products as they will always be close to your baby.

Babies spend 3/4 of the time sleeping, and 80% time in crib, so you should ensure that they are in a completely safe environment while being asleep.


While sleeping baby is always close to:


  • effects baby's health by upto 3% due to fumes from paints and polishes.


  • effects health by 20% as per what baby inhales 
  • effects baby bones shape by 30%


  • effects health by 80% as per what baby inhales 
  • effects neck structure, and baby head shape by 67%!!

Now let’s take a look at effects on baby’s health from Pillow.


Normal Pillow vs Highly Engineered Baby Pillow

Effect 1

See how head shape is effected if not provided with perfectly engineered pillow.


Above pic looks shocking but it is a very natural case among babies all over the world because babies have very soft bones and if not rested on proper pillow ergonomics, head can get molded un-naturally which can effect brain growth!

Counting the above theory Dr.VAKU have carved BabPlobaby pillow filled with 100% pure organic cotton at perfectly engineered angle of depression & contour taking upmost care of baby's head structure.


Effect 2

Baby inhaling bad air due to chemicals present in foam pillow/mattres

 Baby Sneezing

Picture portraying baby sneezing, referring to having health problems because of harmful air inhaled and at an early age leads to the body inviting harmful bacteria’s, this can be highly prevented with the use of a non toxic or an organic pillow.


  Even you don’t like to get too hot — or too cold - -when you’re sleeping, right? The same goes for baby. A baby pillow like BabPlo ensures a comfortable sleep with a special durable, non-toxic, all natural organic material. 

Dr.VAKU's BabPlo baby pillow is the natural choice for mothers who want to feel assured that their sleeping infant isn't being exposed to toxic chemicals while they sleep. You will sleep better at night knowing that if there is some gnawing, you have offered the most protection you can for the child.

 As baby's face lies directly on top of the pillow, these qualities are significant in eliminating the opportunity for toxic exposure through off gassing.


"So how will I know what to buy and what is good for my baby?"

You need to ask yourself few questions first like:

Is it firm enough to the required density for babies? Is it made without allergens and harsh chemicals (no.1 question after SIDS came into theory)? Will it last? Is it comfortable? Is it safe?

DR.VAKU have got the best pillow on the market, so now there’s one less thing to stress about.


Dr.Vaku's BabPlo organic baby pillow is a like a magic natural herb unlike foam pillow!
We all know how vulnerable is baby to allergies/chemicals/environment right?? 
Okay let me tell you organic cotton is the safest material to have for a baby ,it is to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides as used in foam pillows and thus expensive to buy but well worth it when it comes to baby product as there’s no price-tag on ensuring your baby’s safety while he/she sleeps.Dr. VAKU's BabPlo are eco-friendly (made without vinyl, PVC, phthalates, lead and antimicrobial biocides - all found in foam pillow) and comes with a heavy duty interior. So even after years of use and reuse, the pillow’ firmness never fades!

Babies love to chew on things as a process of learning and discovering the world. The fact is that it is impossible to watch your infant 24 hours a day to ensure the little one’s safety keeping that in mind DR.VAKU have designed both the interior and exterior of 100% organic materials.


How Dr.Vaku's BabPlo Baby Pillow Outperforms Any Other Pillow ?
Dr. VAKU's BabPlo is a 100% certified organic cotton baby pillow (which you now already know how important it is to be organic while ensuring baby's health) has been made taking in to consideration researches, theories and mother’s love.

According to theory that SIDS (Sudden Death Infant Syndrome) is caused by the toxic chemicals released by conventional crib material. When a normally harmless household fungus (Scopulariopsis brevicaulis) comes into contact with the elements of phosphorous, arsenic, or antimony that have been found in chemical fire retardants in sleeping accessories, it can generate extremely poisonous gases that are far more toxic than carbon monoxide. 
Thus can lead to extreme illness.


What's so special about Dr.VAKU's BabPlo pillow ?
Organic cotton serves as air breather between pillow and babies head, ensuring the baby skin gets best skin treatment in growing age. And it uses absolutely no chemical flame retardants which is a major reason why todays babies have breathing problem from such a early age.
The outside layer is made of certified organic cotton as well and it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals.

DR.VAKUS's BabPlo baby pillow is designed after considering many minor details such as causes of the theory - SIDS which is caused by the toxic chemicals released by conventional pillow.
I am sure you will be amazed at the immediate change in your junior's sleeping and eating habits when you switch to Dr.VAKU's BabPlo baby pillow. It is best for Super-Safe sleep plus, it’s breathable and free of harmful chemicals, so that should help you get some peaceful sleep yourself.

Besides all of the great natural properties, it's just an excellent pillow. If you have any problems with it, DR.VAKU is known to have excellent customer service, so you'd get it figured out in a jiffy anyway.

The only downside? It's not cheap. But then again, you get what you pay for, and since it can also be used both in a crib and a toddler bed, so you'll get a lot of use out of it. This is an excellent pillow, 100% organic, and trustworthy and safe to use. If you can afford to fit it into your budget, you'll be happy with it.

A pillow which is safe, firm, tightly hand tufted.


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